Use refreshVariable with refreshAfter: "RECORD_ACTION" in Task From

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I am trying to use a refreshVariable with refreshAfter: "RECORD_ACTION" in a Task From, but the variable does not get refreshed.

Is the use of refreshAfter: "RECORD_ACTION" only possible in a record form, or am I missing something.

I start my from with:

  local!contractVersion : a!refreshVariable(
    value: rule!TML_GetMostRecentContractVersion(ri!,
    refreshAfter: "RECORD_ACTION"

And in the middle of the form there is a recordActionField:

        actions: {
            action: 'recordType!{eb81a0e8-fa2b-4197-960f-cb29539fee9a}Contract.actions.{f1c42920-fefd-4519-b8f7-7d3e8199868b}newContractVersion',
            identifier: ri!
        style: "TOOLBAR",
        display: "LABEL_AND_ICON",
        align: "END",
        openactionsin: "DIALOG"

the record action is executing without a problem, but the refreshvarable is not working.

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