show when while using decision for a drop down field

label: "Type Of Loan",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
choiceLabels: cons!LM_LoanTypes,
choiceValues: cons!LM_LoanTypes,
value: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,
saveInto: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,
searchDisplay: "AUTO",
required: true

label: "Interest Rate",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
value: if(
ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,rule!LM_LoanRates(LoanType: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan )," " ),
saveInto: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.interestRate,
refreshAfter: "UNFOCUS",
readOnly: TRUE,

i want to display interest rate through the type of loan with decision i have created.but it is not displaying

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  • There are a few things going on here:

    1. if you want the value of your floating point field to change when the user selects a value from the drop-down then you need to respond to that change in the dropdown component - that is, move the "saveInto" from the floating point component to the dropdown component. The key concept here is that a saveInto is only triggered when a user interacts with that component, so it won't be triggered in your floating point component (and never could be since you've marked it as "read only"
    2. User Interface components fall into three broad categories - input, output and structural. By using a floating point component (which is an input component) in read-only mode you're treating it as an "output" component and you should probably use al alternative. Especially as, in this example, an interest rate has a unit (which will be %) and should be quoted as such e.g. "1.5%" which would lead me to use a text field
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