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Hi Team,

how to validate below scenarios


i have A,B,C,D Values and


if local!name = "X" then values should be A>B>C>D and if local!name = "Z" then it should validate A<B<C<D and in any other local!name value it should accept only numeric  values 

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  • It sounds like you are planning to have a single text box into which the user can input one or more numeric values. How many can they input? What will you use as a separator? What is the biggest / smallest number they can input? (Can they enter: "5 99 -33 6863748"? How many can they they input? (I ask all these questions because I have doubts that using a single input test file dis the bets design here. Are you able to elaborate on the bigger picture? What's the purpose? What will you use those values for? What do the values represent?)