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Hi Team,

how to validate below scenarios


i have A,B,C,D Values and


if local!name = "X" then values should be A>B>C>D and if local!name = "Z" then it should validate A<B<C<D and in any other local!name value it should accept only numeric  values 

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    in reply to udayasai

    this should be trivially easy to do using conditional logic in Appian expressions, i.e. by using nested if() commands, or using the and() command, or by potentially a few other ways. 

    Nobody here will really have the time to both try to figure out the subtleties of your use case and also come up with expression logic for you, particularly when we're a little fuzzy on what your exact desired logic is (since that would mean we could be wasting our time coming up with something completely wrong for what you're actually asking about).

    Instead if you could post some sample code for what you've already tried, and exactly how it's not behaving the way you expected, we're usually happy to help fix those sorts of issues.

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    in reply to Mike Schmitt

    Hi Mike, I understand you, I implemented this with multiple if conditions but i would like to see if i get any other function or logic which can be used instead of multiple lines of if code