How to send process errors to an email group DL


I would like to send error details to an email DL when there is an issue with process model functionality.

The below option is allowing me to create a reference to an Appian group and specify at this place. But, I would like to provide an email DL so that all the people who are the part of the email DL should receive the email with error details.

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    that user account getting de-activated

    That makes sense - though if this approach works apart from that issue, then I'd suggest searching for a way to bypass that issue somehow.  Can the LDAP sync be made to exclude certain accounts by group membership?  Or perhaps the account could be added to the Service Accounts group, in case that causes it to be skipped by the syncing (which I'd hope since this would be problematic for normal service accounts if they always get deactivated by an LDAP sync).  I'm less familiar with LDAP but i'd hope one of these might be a potential option.