Any OOTB functionality to have PDF documents popup on the screen?

I have a PDF document in my document repository of Appian. Instead of showing the document download link on a SAIL form, i want it to show as a pop-up when the link is hit and where the basic user can scroll through the pages and close it. The document is not to be downloaded on the local disk and the user should not move to another browser tab/window. Any OOTB functionality to achieve this.
Thanks in advance.



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    2 months ago in reply to richard-hancock
    old thread but still a current problem

    understood - the one caveat is, it can be problematic to float a very-old thread back to the top of the board with a brand new reply, since lots of people click into threads and don't necessarily pay attention to the old datestamps on the original post or most of the comments, and see advice that might be outdated, topics that are no longer relevant, links that are broken, and/or other info that's just plain confusing.

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