Preparing for an exam

It’s important to recognize that Appian training and practical application of knowledge are an integral part of exam success. While specific preparation resources vary across exams, there are some tips for preparation that will help you regardless of the exam.

First, review the skills measured by the exam. These objectives reflect the content presented on an exam. Use them as a checklist to identify skills gaps which will help focus your preparation. Get hands-on practice. There is so much to learn but putting knowledge to practice is key. Take the time to review best practices and applied knowledge.


Earning a Certification

The Appian Certification Program allows individual practitioners to highlight their knowledge and abilities through a series of standards-driven exams within different tracks and levels, allowing for recognition throughout your career journey. 

The Developer track is progressive, with higher level certifications building on the skills and knowledge validated in previous certifications. 

Developer Prerequisites

  • Certified Associate Developer - Pass Certified Associate Developer exam
  • Certified Senior Developer - Hold an active Certified Associate Developer AND pass the Certified Senior Developer exam
  • Certified Lead Developer - Hold an active Certified Senior Developer AND pass the Certified Lead Developer exam
Project Ready Project Independent Project Lead


Maintaining a Certification

Appian Certified practitioners are expected to be current on Appian technology to maintain their certifications. Appian requires completion of our quarterly Showcase Release training to maintain a certification. Failure to complete training will result in an expired certification.

You can find additional information on exam status and an up-to-date list of required trainings to maintain certification on the Appian Recertification Guidelines page.

Converting an A-Score Certification

The A-Score program will fully retire in 2022. We encourage all current A-Score certified individuals to convert to the new program to ensure your certified status is retained. You can learn more about the transition to the new program in our FAQs below.


Taking an exam

Appian delivers our exams via Examity’s secure testing platform using remote proctors. This process provides online flexibility for our candidates with the proctored environment that ensures our certifications are valid and reliable.

If you require special assistance to complete your Appian certification exam, please request accommodations by emailing a minimum of seven (7) business days before registering for an exam.

Exam Cost

Exam type Cost
Core Certification $200
Pro Badges $50

Appian Partners receive a 50% discount on core certifications. The 50% discount for partners is automatically applied upon scheduling an exam.  If the discount does not appear, please verify that the practitioner's Community account is correctly associated with their partner organization. See our program FAQs for more information. 

Volume Discounts are available. Please contact for more information.

Exam Delivery

Appian delivers our exams via Examity’s secure testing platform using remote proctors.  This process provides online flexibility for our candidates with the proctored environment that ensures our certifications are valid and reliable. 

Before Your Exam

Prior to your exam appointment you will want to complete your Examity user profile and perform a system check through Examity to ensure your exam will run smoothly.

Day of Your Exam

On the day of your exam, ensure you have: A computer with a webcam, a reliable internet connection, you have disabled all popup blockers, and you have a quiet space where you are not interrupted during the testing process

During Your Exam

Arrive for your exam 15 minutes early. Your proctor will verify your identity, virtually inspect your physical workspace and virtual environment and will monitor you throughout the exam. At the close of the exam, the proctor will do a final security verification.

Exam Admissions

The Examity admission process requires one official government identification that includes a photo.  All Appian certification candidates must register using the candidates’ legal name registered to their Appian Community accounts.  The name must match their government-issued identification. Failure to submit register under the same legal name registered to the Appian Community account may result in inability to attempt the exam and a forfeiture of the exam fees or voucher.

If you need to make changes to your Community profile, please contact


Program FAQs

My partner discount is not appearing during registration?

If your partner discount does not appear your Community profile is not properly linked to your partner organization. You will need to update your profile to self associate with a partner organization. Once complete if you still do not see the correct price you can reach out to and to fully configure your account.

When does my certification expire?

Your Appian certification will not expire so long as you meet the recertification guidelines. Learn more about maintaining your certification on the Appian Recertification Guidelines page.

How do I update my Community profile?

Follow the steps below to update or configure your Community profile. If you need additional assistance with your profile settings, please contact

  • 1. Go to and log in
  • 2. Navigate to your Profile in the top right corner (see "Profile Icon")
  • 3. Select Edit Community Profile (see "Edit Community Profile")
  • 4. Self-associate to your Organization by using the Primary Group Membership Field (see "Self-Associate")

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my test session?

Once your exam session is scheduled, you may cancel or reschedule it with at least 24 hours’ notice with no penalty. If you cancel or reschedule your session within 24 hours of the appointment time, you are responsible for a $25 fee payable at the time of cancellation or rescheduling.

I missed my appointment, now what?

If you do not attend your scheduled exam appointment, you are responsible for the full cost of your exam. You are free to schedule another appointment, but there will be no credit or discount applied from the previously missed session.

I passed an exam, but I do not see if on my Community profile?

It may take up to 48 hours for your certification to appear on your Community profile. If you do not see your certification on your Community profile after this period, you may not meet the prerequisites for the certification you have earned. Please verify you meet the Developer or Pro Badge prerequisites. Once all prerequisites have been met you can contact and we can issue your certification after a verification process.

A-Score Retirement FAQs

This section provides important information about the A-Score program and moving into the new Appian Certification Program. A-Score credential exams were closed on April 30th, 2021. A-Score expirations are occurring throughout 2022 with the final certifications expiring in Fall of 2022. Please note no extensions or exceptions will be granted for individuals attempting to convert to the new program at the equivalent or higher level, once their A-Score is expired.

What is the difference between the new Appian Certification Program and the old A-Score Credential Program?

The A-Score Credential Program consisted of an online, unproctored, exam to measure an individual practitioner’s product knowledge and project submissions to measure their field experience. The new Appian Certification Program will test an individual’s product knowledge and field experience through a proctored online exam. Project submissions will no longer be required to achieve an Appian Certification.

In the new Appian Certification Program, will I be automatically certified if I had an A-Score?

No, Appian Certification is not automatically granted to individuals who have an A-Score. You must pass the new Appian certification exam to earn the Appian Certified Developer designation. Appian will continue to honor active A-Score credentials until it either expires or is replaced by a new certification.

What do I need to do to convert my A-Score to the new program?

Individuals who hold an ACTIVE A-Score are permitted to upgrade their certification to the new program following the below guidelines.

  • - A-Score Level 1 holders can:
  •         - Pass the Associate Developer Certification; or
  •         - Pass the Senior Developer Certification

  • - A-Score Level 2 holders can:
  •         - Pass the Certified Senior Developer exam; or
  •         - Pass the Certified Lead Developer exam

  • A-Score Level 3 holders can:
  •         - Pass the Certified Lead Developer exam

What happens to my A-Score once I become Appian Certified?

Your Appian Certified designation will replace your active A-Score credential. Your Appian Community profile will show only the Appian certification.

Will the new certifications count toward current Partners’ track and tier requirements?

Yes; both active A-Score certifications and active Appian Certifications will count towards your partnership status. As A-Scores expire, they will no longer count towards Partner requirements.

Will I need to submit projects or interviews to maintain my certification in the new program?

No, project submissions and interviews are no longer required to earn or maintain your certification. You will have to follow the new Appian Certification renewal requirements defined by the Appian Certification Program policies and procedures.