Program Overview

What is the Appian Certified Developer Program?

The Appian Certified Developer Program allows individual practitioners to highlight their knowledge and abilities through a series of standards-driven exams developed using industry best practices. It is valuable to individuals and employers alike as a tool for recognizing talent around the world.

How many certifications are there?

There are three Appian certifications:

  • Appian Certified Associate Developer
  • Appian Certified Senior Developer
  • Appian Certified Lead Developer 

Individuals will progress through each certification as they develop their knowledge and abilities.  More information on these certifications will be available on Community the beginning of May.

Where do I start?

You should first enroll in Appian’s Developer Curriculum to learn the fundamentals of Appian’s tools and associated application delivery process. After training, you will be able schedule your exam through Appian Community starting in May 2021.

How do I prepare for each exam?

Topics covered by each exam will be available on Appian Community in the beginning of May. The quickest method to prepare for the Appian Certified Associate Developer exam is to complete Appian’s Developer Training

The Appian Certified Senior Developer and Appian Certified Lead Developer exams test knowledge and skills developed through experience as well as training. We offer advanced-level courses to help prepare practitioners for these exams. Explore the advanced developer curriculum on Appian Community.

When does my certification expire?

Certifications will expire 18 months after earned unless renewed, before expiration, by either:

  1. Consuming quarterly required training, offered for free on Appian Online Academy; or
  2. Passing the exam aligned with you current certification level; or
  3. Passing the exam one level up from their current certification level (i.e. if at Associate pass the Appian Certified Associate Developer exam or the Appian Certified Senior Developer exam).

If you let your certification expire and then wish to recertify, you will have to start again at Associate.

What is the test like?

Appian certification exams test a comprehensive set of skills required to perform as an Appian Developer at each level of certification. The exam questions are a mixture of multiple choice, matching, step-organizing, and other common question types. Our certification exams are proctored by a neutral third party. You must verify your identity with the proctor before you are allowed to take the exam. Additional information on each exam will be available on Appian Community the beginning of May 2021.

What are the requirements to earning a certification?

The Appian Certified Developer path is tiered, to provide recognition along a Developer’s career journey.  Each exam addresses specific topics, relevant to the level of the certification, with no overlapping content. Therefore you must progress through each level of certification, earning the lower level before being granted the next level.  

There are no training or experience requirements to take any certification exam, and you may attempt any exam at any time. However, you will not be granted the appropriate certification until you have completed the preceding one.

Requirements for each certification outlined below:

  • Certified Associate Developer - Pass Certified Associate Developer exam
  • Certified Senior Developer - Hold an active Certified Associate Developer AND pass the Certified Senior Developer exam
  • Certified Lead Developer - Hold an active Certified Senior Developer AND pass the Certified Lead Developer exam

What are the requirements to renew my certifications?

Appian Certified Developers are expected to be current on Appian technology to maintain their certifications. This protects the value of the certification in the market. Certifications will expire in 18 months from day granted, unless renewed by one of the methods outlined below.

  1. We offer a continuing learning option for renewing your certification. By consuming the free, online quarterly release training each quarter and passing an online, free assessment exam your certification will remain current with no need to retest.
  2. If you do not keep up with the continuing learning, you can renew an ACTIVE certification by:
    1. Retaking the exam that is aligned with their current certification level, or
    2. Taking the exam one level up from their current certification level.
  3. If you let your certification expire, you cannot renew and will need to start over again at Associate level.

Do I need to complete the certification renewal process by a certain date/time?

If you do not consume the minimum periodic training requirement over twelve months, your certification will become inactive. An inactive certification does not count toward partner program requirements and is not displayed on the candidates Appian Community Profile page.  

If you "catch up" with the required training within eighteen months, your certification becomes active again. If you do not complete the requirements for renewal within eighteen months, then your certification expires.

What happens if I allow my certification to expire?

If a certification expires you must start again at Associate Developer to progress through the certification path.

What is the cost of the certification exams?

Each exam attempt costs $200 (US). Appian Partners receive a 50% discount. We do not currently offer regional discounts. (Note: There is no longer first free attempts for partner practitioners but recertification will be free)

Who delivers the exams?

Appian certification exams are delivered by our vendor partner Caveon and proctored by our exam security partner Examity.

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Exam Registration

What should I do when I go to Examity the first time?

Before scheduling your exam, you must complete your user profile. This includes uploading a picture of your government-issued identification and answering security questions.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my test session?

Once your exam session is scheduled, you may cancel or reschedule it with at least 24 hours notice with no penalty. If you cancel or reschedule your session within 24 hours of the appointment time, you are responsible for a $25 fee payable at the time of cancellation or rescheduling.

I missed my appointment, now what?

If you do not attend your scheduled exam session, then you are responsible for the full cost of your exam. You are free to schedule another appointment, but there will be no credit or discount applied from the previously missed session.

During the Exam & Proctoring

What kind of ID do I have to show?

Any valid Government issued photo IDs are allowed. Expired IDs are ALLOWED due to COVID restrictions

What are the rules for taking the exam?

  • You must be alone in the room
  • You must have a clear desk and area surrounding the desk
  • Your computer must be connected to a power source
  • You are not allowed to use your phone, smart watch, headphones or a dual monitor.
  • You must remain in your seat throughout the exam
  • There is no talking allowed during the exam
  • Your webcam, microphone and speakers must remain on throughout the exam.
  • No scrap papers or dry erase boards allowed

How long before the exam do I need to sign in?

You should login to the Examity site 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled exam time. Ensure that your profile is complete and your computer equipment is functioning.

Turn off any popup blockers.

Your exam may or may not start earlier depending on the availability of the proctor to begin.

What will the proctor do?

You will connect with the proctor over Zoom or GoToMeeting. You do not have to install this ahead of time.

The proctor will verify your identity and ask you to show them your workspace. This is to ensure you are in compliance with our test security standards above. Additionally, the proctor will also have you show Task Manager to show that there are no applications running besides the video session and the browser for the exam.  

The proctor will monitor you throughout the exam to ensure you stay in compliance with the rules.  At the close of the exam, the proctor will do a final verification before the exam session is complete.

Old Program vs. New Program

What is the difference between the new Appian Certified Developer Program and the old A-Score Credential Program?

The A-Score Credential Program consisted of an online, unproctored, exam to measure an individual practitioner’s product knowledge and project submissions to measure their field experience. The new Appian Certified Developer Program will test an individual’s product knowledge and field experience through a proctored online exam. The project submissions will no longer be required for an individual practitioner to achieve an Appian Certification. 

In the new Appian Certified Developer Program, will I automatically become an Appian Certified Developer if I had an A-Score?

No, Appian Certified Developer is not automatically granted to individuals who have an A-Score. You must pass the new Appian certification exam and meet any other requirements to earn the Appian Certified Developer designation. Appian will continue to honor active A-Score credentials. Your A-Score will continue to display on your Appian Community profile page and will continue to count toward Appian Partner program requirements until it either expires or is replaced by the Certified Developer designation. You can choose to either move into the new program or wait until their existing A-Score credential needs to be renewed.

Individuals who hold an ACTIVE A-Score Level 2 or 3 will not be required to start at the Certified Associate level.  

  1. A-Score Level 2 holders can:
    1. Pass the Certified Senior Developer exam to earn Certified Senior Developer status; or
    2. Pass the Certified Lead Developer exam to earn Certified Lead Developer status.
  2. A-Score Level 3 holders can pass the Certified Lead Developer exam to earn Certified Lead Developer status.

What happens to my A-Score once I become an Appian Certified Developer?

Your Appian Certified Developer designation will replace your active A-Score credential.  Your Appian Community profile will show only the Appian Certified Developer designation.

Will the new certifications count toward current Partners’ track and tier requirements?

Yes; both active A-Score certifications and active Appian Certified Developer certifications will count towards your partnership status. As A-Scores expire, you will be able to meet program requirements by earning certifications as described in the Appian Certified Developer program. 

Will I need to submit projects to maintain my certification in the new program?

No, project submissions are no longer required to earn or maintain your certification. You will have to follow the new Appian Certification renewal requirements defined by the Appian Certification Program policies and procedures.

Will I need to do an interview with an Appian Architect to earn a certification?

No, an interview is no longer required to earn any of the Certified Developer designations.

How do I maintain the Appian Certified Developer destination once earned?

You will follow the renewal policies for your Appian Certified Developer designation. More details on the Appian Certified Developer policies will be available on Appian Community the beginning of May 2021.

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Ending of the A-Score Program

When will the A-Score exams no longer be available to take?

A-Score credential exams were closed at 5pm US Eastern Daylight Time Zone on April 30th.  We have also stop accepting project and customer reference submissions toward A-Score certification.

If I have passed the exam portion of the L3 credential but not had my interview, will I still be able complete my L3 certification?

Yes, you will be able to complete your interview if you choose to earn an A-Score. However, if you prefer to move to the new program you can take the Appian Certified Lead Developer exam to earn the new certification. We will also refund the difference between what was paid for your L3 exam/interview and the cost of the Appian Certified Lead Developer certification exam.

I already passed my Level 2 or Level 3 exam under the A-Score program, but did not meet the requirements for a Level 2 or 3 A-Score. Do I have to start over again with the Certified Associate exam?

No you do not. As long as your A-Score credential has not expired, you may take the the equivalent or next level Appian Certified exam. For example, if you passed the Level 2 A-Score exam but had a Level 1 A-Score due to not meeting project requirements, you may take the Appian Senior Developer or Appian Certified Lead Developer exams. 

What if my A-Score expires before the new certification program is available, will I no longer have certification during that time?

All A-Score credentials that were due to expire on or after Nov 1, 2020 were extended to Aug 1, 2021 allowing individuals the time required to move from A-Score to Appian Certified.  To maintain your A-Score Certification during the transition you will need to complete the customer endorsements and project experience requirements by May 1, 2021.

As a customer, will I still be able to request A-Score reports on individuals?

No.  We will stop issuing A-Score reports on May 1.

Why do I still see A-Score credentials even though the program is no longer available?

A-Score as a branded program will go away once all A-Score designations have expired, expected to be late 2021, early 2022.

Will my current L1/L2/L3 credential expire when the A-Score program expires?

Appian will honor all A-Score designations until they expire. The A-Score designation is active for 18 months after the exam is passed, or until an individual achieves an Appian Certified Developer designation.

Can I have both an A-Score AND an Appian Certified designation?

No, once the Appian Certified Developer designation is earned, your A-Score effectively expires.

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