Provided here is current information on the Appian Certification Program policies and procedures to assist in your preparation for Appian certification. Please review this document thoroughly to ensure your full understanding of the program. These policies and procedures will change on occasion. Significant changes will be announced on this web page and via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by you in your Appian Community profile. It is important that you keep your contact information updated in Appian Community for you to receive important updates to the program.

Appian Examination and Badging Agreement 

Candidates must take no action that compromises the integrity or confidentiality of any Appian certification exam or the Appian Certification Program. Prohibited actions are described in the Appian Examination and Badging Agreement and in the Appian Certification Exam Security policies. Penalties for violating the policy can include revoking exam results and banning candidates from the Appian Certification Program. For details about sharing your badge and updating public facing channels please go here

Candidate Demographic Information and Correspondence

Appian Certified practitioners find their certification information in their Appian Community Profile page.  In addition, this is where prospective employers and others will go to verify your certification, via your public facing Appian Community Profile.  Therefore, it is critical to ensure your Appian Community profile is up to date and complete. 

Appian employees should ensure that your Appian Community profile reflects Appian as your company and Appian email address as your primary email. Partner employees should ensure that you list your company in your Appian Community profile, as well as company email address.

All official correspondence to certified candidates is sent to the e-mail reflected in their Appian Community Profile. Candidates are responsible for updating their personal information on Community to ensure receipt of official correspondence, achievement certificates, and other notices.


Appian respects our candidates’ privacy and is committed to protect the personal information shared with us. The Appian Examination and Badging Agreement and these Policies and Procedures describe how we collect and use your personal information.

Program status for all Appian Certification participants is tracked through various tools, both internal and external to Appian. These tools (databases) are secure with strictly limited access. The overall content classification for this information is Appian Confidential and must be handled consistently with Appian corporate policy on information privacy. 

Internal and external organizations that pursue Appian Certification require status reports regarding individual and organizational progress. The following guidelines outline the policies and procedures for processing requests for information, including individual and organizational status. Specific requests outside these guidelines are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Appian Certification Program Office. All out-of-scope requests will be documented and reported to the Appian Certification Program Manager.

Individual Progress Reports/Transcripts. Individual certification status is confidential. Individuals can access their certification status via their Appian Community profile.  Candidates may publish their credentials by posting their digital credential to various social media sites.  Information on how to do this can be found in Appian Community.

Appian Internal Organizational Requests. The Appian Certification program provides the following information to Appian management:

  • Number certified by level
  • Number certified by organization, by level
  • Partner status by level
  • Customer status by level

Appian External Organizational Requests. Customers and partners make significant investments in training and testing related to the Appian Certification Program. Status reports directly related to their investment are requested to assess corporate status and partner qualifications. To request external status information on customers and partners, the requestor must submit to the Appian Certification Program manager, in writing (e-mail), a brief description of what information is required and the business justification. 

Appian will, under situations described above, share certified status. We will not share individual exam-level information such as pass/fail information, individual score, exams attempted and number of exam attempts.


Candidate Identification and Authentication

Appian engages a third party, Examity, to deliver all certification exams in a remote proctored environment.  The Examity admission process requires one official government identification that includes a photo.  All Appian certification candidates must register their Examity account, as well as their Appian Community account, in their legal name as indicated on the government-issued identification and must match in both accounts. Also, exam registrations must be submitted under candidates’ legal names registered to their Appian Community accounts. Failure to submit exam registration under the same legal name registered to the Appian Community account may result in inability to attempt the exam.

Special Accommodations

If you require special assistance to complete your Appian certification exam, please submit a request to to make arrangements ahead of your scheduled exam.


Keeping Certification Current

Certifications are valid for 18 months from the last renewal, via exam or continuous learning. There are two ways to keep your Appian Certification current.

Maintaining Certification

You are not required to retake any exam as part of your Appian Certification.  Instead, Appian requires that all certified practitioners consume quarterly required training and pass the associated assessments.  All training is offered online and free.  Assessment exam is online and unproctored.  Required training include the quarterly Release Showcase and any other training that Appian determines is required for our practitioners to remain current.  

You have 12 months the date each training is released to complete the training and pass the exam.  If you have not completed the training after 12 months, then your certification goes into Inactive status.  While inactive, your certification is no longer valid and will not appear on your profile nor be counted towards your organization.  If you do not consume the training within 18 months your certification goes into Expired status. 

You will find an up-to-date list of required trainings to maintain certification as well as definitions of Inactive and Expired statuses on the Appian Recertification Guidelines page.

Retest Policy

If you fail your exam, you may immediately schedule another appointment to take the same exam again.  The price for the exam is unchanged, and you are responsible for the full cost of the exam attempt.  If you fail the second attempt, or any subsequent attempt, you may schedule additional attempts no sooner than 14 days from the date of your last attempt.

If you pass the an exam, you are not permitted to take the same exam again for a period of 12 months.  If you attempt to schedule or take an exam you have already completed within 12 months, then Appian may take action to limit your access to the Certification Program.

If you believe you have a reason to retake an exam and do not fall into one of these scenarios, please contact us at

Certification Status

Certifications will be in one of three statuses – with different benefits and ability to recertify.  Definitions are:

Active Status - your certification is current.  You can renew your certification.  You can display your digital badge.  Your certification is counted toward Appian Partner Program requirements.

Inactive Status - your certification is not current. You can renew your certification.  You cannot display your digital badge. Your certification is not counted toward Appian Partner Program requirements.  

Expired Status - your certification is not current. You cannot renew your certification - you must retest at Associate level. You cannot display your digital badge. Your certification is not counted toward Appian Partner Program requirements.  

Exam Retirement

When an exam retires it may or may not be replaced by another exam.  Although exams are retired, the certifications earned remain valid and eligible for certification benefits through their normal 18-month lifespan.  However, these certifications may or may not be renewable through continuous learning.

Cancellation Policy 

If you want to cancel or reschedule an exam, you must reschedule with Examity via your Appian Community account. Canceling or rescheduling an exam less than 24 hours before the appointment is subject to a cancelation fee of $25.  This will be charged to your credit card. If you do not appear for your exam without rescheduling or canceling your exam fee or voucher will not be refunded.

Exam Grading  

Passing scores are set by using statistical analysis of each individual exam.  Therefore, passing scores will vary across exams.

At the completion of a written exam, candidates receive a score report indicating how the candidate scored on the entire exam, against that exam's passing score.  In addition, the score report will show how the candidate performed in each exam section.

Preparing for Your Exam

Appian delivers our exams via Examity’s secure testing platform using remote proctors.  This process provides online flexibility for our candidates with the proctored environment that ensures our certifications are valid and reliable.  

Prior to your test you will want to ensure you are prepared with the following:

  • A computer with a webcam
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A quiet space where you are not interrupted during the testing process