An application’s interface can make or break a user's experience. User experience means adoption, adoption means success. Yet creating harmonious and intuitive interfaces is hard. With Applied User Interfaces, learn by doing. Over 4 consecutive half-days, dive in a practice-first training with the help of an instructor. By the end of the course you will have: used advanced interface components, practiced creation of dynamic interfaces, troubleshot and fixed broken interfaces. You'll have the essential arsenal of skills for a developer improving the interfaces they build.

Pre-Reqs: Appian Developer training and Advanced User Experience course

Please enroll in this course by 5pm EST on February 15th to confirm your seat in the course. To ensure a good learner experience for all registered in the course we will not accept registrations after that date.

All Classroom Sessions will be delivered remotely until further notice.

List Price (USD): $1800
Training Credits: 2

Course ID: 2502 (for reference)