Appian Accelerated Senior Developer is an eight week course specifically designed to help developers quickly and effectively build advanced skills while not disrupting practitioners’ important projects.

This course is part of the Senior Developer advanced series and is designed for experienced practitioners with current knowledge of application development. Participants must hold a valid Appian Certified Associate Developer designation before enrolling.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Properly utilize each of Appian’s core components and implement them according to proven design patterns.
  • Design relational data models for applications and perform advanced database functions.
  • Utilize advanced components and configurations such as plugins and connected systems.
  • Identify, isolate, and troubleshoot common issues with application performance.
  • Feel prepared to sit for the Appian Certified Senior Developer exam.


  • Implement best practices for teamwork within a low-code environment.
  • Recall best practices for performance and scalability across process design.
  • Leverage efficient expressions and data usage for high performance interfaces.
  • Examine good User Experience practices across entire application plans.
  • Identify best practices of quality assurance and testing practices.
  • Examine Appian automation components, including RPA and AI, to determine “best fit” scenarios for their use.
  • Recall key components of the Appian Delivery Methodology model.

Course Structure

This course takes place over eight weeks. Each week consists of a combination of instructor-led sessions as well as independent practice and self-learning on the part of the student. Instructors meet with the cohort for two-hour sessions, twice per week to deliver new topics, review concepts, and answer questions. Students should plan to spend approximately 10 hours per week learning during this course.

Additionally, there are up to three special, optional sessions to drill down into specific topics of interest to the learners, delivered by guest speakers from within Appian. Outside of live sessions, instructors also set up office hours and group chat spaces for students to engage in an ad-hoc manner.

Every participant who successfully completes the course will receive up to two exam vouchers to attempt an Appian certification exam.

How can you take this course?

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