Who is a Senior Developer?

Appian Certified Senior Developers have between 6 and 12 months of focused Appian project delivery experience. Senior Developers can independently convert complex business requirements into functioning pieces of application with minimal guidance. They understand the basic concepts of Appian’s platform architecture and leverage that knowledge while designing and implementing scalable applications.

Senior Developers are able to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain Appian applications. They properly utilize each of Appian’s core components and implement them according to proven design patterns. They can design a relational data model for an application and perform advanced database functions. Furthermore, Senior Developers have an academic understanding of advanced Appian components and configurations such as plugins and connected systems. They often troubleshoot and debug common issues, and know where to locate more information when required.

Senior Developers routinely configure and administer the Appian platform, including user management and deployment to multiple environments. They have a comprehensive understanding of business process management (BPM), and a high-level understanding of how businesses use automation technologies to improve their processes. With that knowledge, Senior Developers help guide project teams by performing code reviews and acting as technical resources. They also serve as a point of escalation for junior developers within the team regarding performance and scalability issues. Senior Developers  work closely with the client’s internal teams, such as database administrators, DevOps leads, and quality assurance throughout the project lifecycle. 

Lastly, Senior Developers stay on top of each Appian release and updates while actively contributing to Appian Community.

What Does the Certified Senior Developer Exam Cover?

The Senior Developer exam consists of 40 questions spanning a breadth of topics and skills determined by a global team of Appian practitioners. This is a list of key topics found within the exam to help you prepare. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

  • Platform Maintenance
    • Troubleshoot applications using a variety of sources (i.e. logs, performance dashboards, administration console)
    • Perform technical review of application work
    • Configure the administration console
  • Relational Databases
    • Implement complex data models and maintain supporting objects (i.e. views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.)
    • Design data models implementing business data requirements and correctly document them
  • Application Design and Management
    • Implement development best practices
    • Deploy application artifacts from environment to environment (i.e. application objects, patches, SQL statements, etc.)
    • Read, translate and transform relational data within Appian
    • Construct an end-to-end application using a variety of objects
    • Convert business requirements into user stories leveraging Appian functionality
    • Follow user experience best practices
  • Advanced Object Usage
    • Create and configure simple connected system objects
    • Identify use cases and hazards of using a plug-in
  • Performance & Scalability
    • Design Appian components to be performant
    • Implement and monitor application data management strategies to keep a clean and performant environment
    • Identify and communicate user-facing performance concerns
    • Identify potential performance risks associated with server memory within process models
    • Perform database load testing, configure automated testing tools, and provide recommendations based on results

Taking the Test

The Appian Certified Senior Developer exam is available through our proctored testing platform. You will have 60 minutes to complete 40 questions. The price for the exam session is $200, payable when you schedule your exam. The cost of the exam is for each attempt, and does not include any exam retakes.

You may cancel or reschedule your exam for a small fee. Failing to arrive for the scheduled time, a “no-show,” results in the full price of the exam being collected regardless of the attempt status.

Certification fees are non-refundable, the fee covers grading and materials. Paying the certification fee does not guarantee awarding of the certification.

Have additional questions about the exam process? Check the Appian Certification Frequently Asked Questions page.

Need to Prepare?

The Appian Certified Senior Developer exam draws from our advanced training courses as well as your experience as a working Appian Developer. Content from our advanced training courses including Integrations, User Experience, Data Design, Process Modeling, and more. Appian Academy Online, is also packed with additional resources to help you learn more advanced topics.

You should also be familiar with Appian’s Documentation, which contains all of the technical knowledge required for the exam. Additionally, review the Appian Developer Playbook and the Appian Knowledge Base for support articles about frequently-asked-topics.

Once you are ready, test your knowledge with the Senior Developer Practice Test

Have More Questions?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about what to expect during the test, or Appian’s Certification Program in general, check our Frequently Asked Questions page! For a more detailed breakdown, you can also read our Policies and Procedures page.

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