KB-1764 How to troubleshoot single user unable to log in with "PrivilegeException"


This article is intended to provide troubleshooting steps in the case that a single user is unable to log into Appian with a PrivilegeException as shown below in the application server log:

ERROR com.appiancorp.abdera.AtomEntryCollectionAdapter - An internal error occured while accessing the tempo feed com.appiancorp.kougar.mapper.exceptions.UndeclaredException: PrivilegeException[null=>null]: User Does Not Have Rights to Perform this Operation


  1. Follow the steps outlined in KB-1663 to see if the issue can be resolved.
  2. After confirming that the steps in KB-1663 have not resolved the issue and finding that the "Inherit security from parent" box was already checked, un-check it, re-check it, and save again.
  3. If these steps do not address the issue, complete the following steps (if the environment is self-managed). In addition, create a support case, so that Appian Support can further troubleshoot and provide a script to clear the group membership cache if necessary:
    1. Search the application server(s) for the username of the user experiencing the issue to find a login attempt in the login-audit.csv located in <APPIAN_HOME>/logs/. Record the timestamp of the login attempt and include it in the support case.
    2. Attach the application server log (for the date that corresponds with the timestamp found above) from the server that hosts the login-audit.csv file.
    3. Attach the authz-audit.log (for the same date that corresponds with the timestamp found above) located in <APPIAN_HOME>/logs/ from the server that hosts the login-audit.csv file.
    4. Instruct the user to log in again.
    5. When the user logs in, take a network capture and attach it to the case.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: October 2018