KB-1927 Invalid JNDI name warning message appears after upgrade to 18.4


After upgrading an environment to Appian version 18.4 or later, the following warning appears in the application server log:

WARN  com.appiancorp.process.runtime.activities.QueryRdbmsActivity - Detected attempt to lookup datasource connection using invalid JNDI name [java:/jdbc/Appian]; attempting to recover by looking up datasource using [jdbc/Appian]. 
Update the datasource configuration in the Query Database nodes in the following model to avoid this warning for new process instances of the model [name=<NAME OF THE IMPACTED PROCESS MODEL>, id=<ID OF THE IMPACTED PROCESS MODEL>]


The above warning is printed when the input of an execute stored procedure call includes this prefix: java:/. Since Appian version 18.4, this prefix is no longer necessary.

A request to suppress this warning has been logged to the Appian Product Team as AN-115248.


This issue does not negatively impact Appian, nor does it prevent the stored procedure to run. This warning can be safely ignored.

To avoid seeing it, modify the input of the execute stored procedure to remove the java:/ prefix.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 18.4 and later.

Last Reviewed: April 2019