KB-2211 File upload validation message doesn't disappear


A validation message on file upload persists after correcting an invalid file upload, e.g. files with invalid names, sizes, or extensions, with a valid file upload.

The example below demonstrates this behavior where the file validation message, "Could not upload invalid.txt because the file is empty" persists even when the empty file, invalid.txt, is replaced with a valid file, valid.txt:


This is expected behavior. The persistent file validation message does not prevent the user from completing or submitting the form once a valid file has been uploaded.

A product use case for improving the experience with the File Upload button has been logged to the Appian Product Team for consideration to add this functionality in the product. Kindly note it is not Appian Support’s policy to disclose how or when a product use case will be implemented. 


Complete the form using a valid file. Permitted file extensions can be controlled via the File Upload settings in the Admin Console. 

Create a Support case and provide the information in KB-1717 to be added to the product use case (#1632).

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: February 2022