KB-1192 Folders always require administrator approval for changes


After a folder is created through the Java API, basic users require approval for all the changes they do in the folder. This is the case even if the basic users have author permissions on the folder. For example, if a user uploads a document to that folder, any other basic user attempting to download the document will see an error like:

This document is still pending approval.

This behavior persists even when the Require administrator approval for all Knowledge Center changesproperty for that Knowledge Centre is set to false through the interface.


This issue is caused by creating a folder through the Java API, but not updating the COLUMN_CHANGES_REQUIRE_APPROVAL property of the Content object through the API.


To resolve this issue, the property can be reset using the Remove Approval Required Smart Service from the Content Tools plug-in available on AppMarket here. To prevent this issue occurring in the future, the Smart Service should be included in any process models that generate folders.

Alternatively, the COLUMN_CHANGES_REQUIRE_APPROVAL property of the Content object can be updated directly through the API. For details on how to do this, refer to the API documentation here.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: October 2019