KB-1340 How to automate the restart of stuck nodes within a process model

DISCLAIMER: The application provided in this article as well as the shared components are provided as-is with no express guarantee of functionality by Appian Technical Support.

In order to make the restart of failed nodes more automatic you can combine two shared components on Appian Forum:

Here's how you can combine them:

1. The Get Processes By Node Status smart service takes the UUID of the process model whose instances you wish to analyze (you can run this through a loop to support multiple models). With this smart service, you can search for nodes in status 8 (Paused by Exception) within instances of model with UUID X.

This node will return the process ids and the node uuids.

2. You can now use the Restart All Nodes smart service part of the Process Management Services shared component to restart those nodes simply passing the node UUIDs and the process IDs obtained in step #1.

An application that demonstrates this is attached here: Restarting Failed Nodes Example.zip

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: May 2017