KB-1529 Engine scripts throw "Segmentation fault" after installing a new Appian license


After replacing an out-of date k3.lic license file with a new one, obtaining the K output to request a permanent license fails with a "Segmentation fault" error:

$ ./k
Segmentation fault

This may also occur with diagnostic scripts such as checkengine.sh and may include additional detail such as "core dumped".


This error is typically caused by the license file becoming corrupted during downloading, transferring the file to the Appian server or unzipping. In rare circumstances, the license file may also have been incorrectly generated by the service generating licenses.


Attempt to re-download the license and follow the "Installing a License" section of KB-1316 to re-deploy the license. If this does not work, re-request the license on Appian Forum by following the steps in KB-1316.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last reviewed: March 2018