ABBYY OCR Connected System

OCR technology is used to convert virtually any kind of images containing written text (typed, handwritten or printed) into machine-readable text data. You can Extract Data from PDF or Convert PDF to xml.

This can be then used in almost all industries that deal with Customer information from Scanned copies like Doctor Prescriptions, Travel details, Insurance Claim copies and so on.

The Connected System helps you control the following operations in an Abbyy Application:

  1. Get information about an application- Gets information about the application type, its current balance, and the expiration date
  2. Get a List of tasks- Returns the list of tasks created by your application. By default, the Deleted tasks are included
  3. Process Image- Loads the image, creates a processing task for the image with the specified parameters and passes the task for processing
  4. Get status of a task- Returns the current status of the task and the URL of the result of processing for completed tasks
  5. Get the list of a finished task- Returns the list of finished tasks
  6. Process Document- The method starts the processing task with the specified parameters
  7. Delete Task- Deletes the task and the images associated with this task from the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK storage
  8. Submit Image- Allows you to add new images to the existing tasks by providing the image to be uploaded and the taskId to which it needs to be uploaded
  9. Process Barcode- Allows you to extract the value of a barcode on an image
  10. Process Text - Allows you to extract the value of a text field on an image
  11. Process Receipt- Allows you to recognize the image of a receipt

Note: This connected system works for languages English, Arabic, French, German and Russian only.

  • Hi,

    for this connected system I am not able to get the output from Process text. Request is getting queued but when I am checking the status of the task to get the result (basically the url), it's showing internal error  and status is 'Processing Failed'.

    I am not getting proper output for Bar code (Process bar code operation) as well.