Adhoc Collaboration

Adhoc collaboration is an important aspect of any knowledge worker's role. This interface brings that collaboration into Appian by allowing users to create tasks for each other within the context of records, reports, and more.

Instead of sending emails with links to data back and forth, send the message directly on the record that contains all the data and context needed for the assignee to respond. Plus, from then on, that conversation can be easily referenced when it's time to make important decisions. For example, when using Appian for CRM, use this interface on a Customer Record to allow directors to send account executives tasks about specific customers. Tasks can then be commented on, creating a contextual and durable discussion.

  • Appian developers can easily add this interface to any record, report, or even traditional Appian task. It takes less than 2 minutes
  • Tasks created through this interface appear in the task list as well as a custom task report built for adhoc collaboration task management
  • An adoption report shows who is using tasks and for what
  • Commenting on tasks is built in and emails are automatically sent to all participants in a task's comment thread
  • Send News post and messages directly from a record

The Adhoc Collaboration Component (ACC) allows you to add a full threaded collaboration capability to any Record or Report in minutes! You simply register what you want to collaborate on and add a few lines to plug in the collaboration interface and you are off to the races. You can comment, task your colleagues, or send posts/messages to each other. The tasks are visible in a report for easy access. You can also track the adoption of your collaborations via a canned report.