ADVAM Payment Gateway Component

ADVAM Payment Gateway Integration Solution provides the capability for online payment for Appian applications using ADVAM WebBank iFrame API Server while staying compliant to PCI DSS obligations.

The solution allows ADVAM iFrame to capture sensitive transaction data (i.e. credit card details) and process the online payment within ADVAM system, thus not requiring the client (i.e. Appian application) to be PCI DSS compliant. It does so by embedding the ADVAM payment page within an Appian interface.

  • ADVAM Connected System
  • ADVAM Integration for:
    • Session Initialisation
    • Session Query
    • Session Cancel
    • Post Transaction
    • Post Query
    • Link Test
  • Advam UI Field (AdvamPaymentField)

V1.0.1 introduces new parameter transactionEndpoint to specify the endpoint to complete transaction in ADVAM Payment Gateway