Advanced Unzip

Includes a Smart Service "Extract Zip" which will unzip the contents of a given Appian zip document into the destination Appian folder.  The newly created/updated documents will be returned as the output.  The unzipping process will maintain the folder structure in Appian.

  • Supports 7Zip files
  • Extracts archives containing files with names that are at least 1 character in length
  • Temporary files saved on disk will be removed as soon as they are no longer required
  • We have been encountering an issue when using this plugin ever since upgrading to 18.2.

    For all files placed into Appian via this plugin, all basic users in our application have been unable download the file through the a!documentDownloadLink() function. A screen with the following message is displayed:

    {"error":"APNX-1-0000-000","message":"User Does Not Have Rights to Perform this Operation","title":"An Error Has Occurred"}

    Administrators are able to download the file with no issues.

    The parent folder where the extracted file resides has a security group with Administrator level access. The basic users downloading the file have been placed inside the group so it is odd that they would see an error message related to access rights.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.