Extract Zip


Includes a Smart Service "Extract Zip" which will unzip the contents of a given Appian zip document into the destination Appian folder.  The newly created/updated documents will be returned as the output.  The unzipping process will maintain the folder structure in Appian.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Supports 7Zip files
  • Extracts archives containing files with names that are at least 1 character in length
  • Temporary files saved on disk will be removed as soon as they are no longer required
Parents Comment Children
  • -Yes the files (pdf) files are extracted up until it reaches the first excel, and the extractor moves to the next node but the output document list is blank and any variables that its supposed to save the value to is blank as well so the process model gets null errors when referencing the document list.

    - Since the zip files with excel files were failing I tried using the "zip utility" app that has a zip extractor smart service and it was able to extract the zip files that had the excel files and was able to output the folder ID of the extracted zip file.

    A quick way to replicate is to save different types of files in a subfolder and zip it just to see which file extensions are causing issues.

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for adding those details. Can you clarify the following?

    - "leaves the document list blank" - do you mean that the files are extracted (up until reaching that excel file) but the output activity class parameter (documents) is blank?

    - "with another zip extractor" - can you shed some light on what do you mean with this? 

    Apologies for all the questions but it's just to make sure that we have a shared understanding of the current issue.

  • Sure we have a zip file with 1 subfolder that has 109 files. When the extract zip smart service is ran the other files are extracted successfully until it gets to the first excel ".xlsx" and then the smart service exits and leaves the document list blank. We tested the same file with another zip extractor and it had no issues with extracting the excel files.

  • Hi , can you shed some light on the scenario (zip file structure, folder structure,..) that is currently failing? On top of that, can you please share the details of your environment?