Advanced Unzip

Includes a Smart Service "Extract Zip" which will unzip the contents of a given Appian zip document into the destination Appian folder.  The newly created/updated documents will be returned as the output.  The unzipping process will maintain the folder structure in Appian.

  • Supports 7Zip files
  • Extracts archives containing files with names that are at least 1 character in length
  • Temporary files saved on disk will be removed as soon as they are no longer required
Parents Comment
  • Hi ,

    Thanks for adding those details. Can you clarify the following?

    - "leaves the document list blank" - do you mean that the files are extracted (up until reaching that excel file) but the output activity class parameter (documents) is blank?

    - "with another zip extractor" - can you shed some light on what do you mean with this? 

    Apologies for all the questions but it's just to make sure that we have a shared understanding of the current issue.