Appian AI Designer


If you have created dozens or hundreds of business rules in order to define prescriptive behavior, you probably know that the upkeep of those can become a hassle. Stop manually going through thousands of records and let the machine learn it for you! With Machine Learning, you can simply provide the data you want and this app will learn how to get the results you need. Then use it as a rule!  It’s that simple.

This app and set of plugins will allow you to quickly and easily train machine learning models using datasets you have. All you have to do is go through a simple 3 step wizard where you upload the data, indicate the attribute you’re trying to predict, and confirm!  After a model will be created that can be used to make subsequent predictions anywhere a rule can be used.

App Highlights:

  • Easily create Machine Learning models
  • Use models to make predictions
  • Leverages Amazon AWS Machine Learning
  • Use any model you have access to from AWS even if it wasn’t created with this app