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  • Database Load Generation

    Quickly generate rows for each of the application database table
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  • Adhoc Collaboration

    Add tasking to any end user facing Appian interface or object
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Google Cloud AutoML Connected System

    Google Cloud AutoML enables building, training, and predicting on custom Image, Text, or Translate models in using Google...
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  • Content Tools

    Functions and Smart Services to interface with Appian documents and rules
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  • Microsoft PowerBI Connected System

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this connected system plug-in and the corresponding component plug-in
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  • Microsoft PowerBI Component

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this component plug-in and the corresponding connected system plug-in
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  • Appian RPA Web API Utilities

    Java library containing methods to call Appian Web APIs from within an Appian RPA bot
  • Cucumber For Appian

    Tool that builds on top of what FitNesse For Appian has implemented and allows users to write automated UI tests.
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  • FitNesse for Appian

    A tool that makes it easy to setup automated testing on the Appian platform
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  • Google Maps Component

    Provides support for displaying interactive maps, directions, and markers in a SAIL interface
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  • Google Maps Connected System

    Adds functionality to calculate directions, travel time, distances, place geocoding, coordinate reverse geocoding, and coordinate...
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  • Twilio Communication

    A component plug-in to allow designer to add Twilio integration and call controls into their applications
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