Appian Browser Extension Companion App

The Appian browser extension allows you to interact with Appian with a single click.  It provides quick access to Tasks, Actions, recently visited and favorite pages. In addition, it super-charges your email by bringing Appian directly into your Gmail inbox.



  • Access your Tasks with a single click

  • Quick access to your starred Actions

  • Browse all Actions

  • Complete Tasks and Actions without having to open a new browser window**

  • View recently visited Appian pages

  • Mark recently visited pages as favorites for lightning quick access

  • Complete Tasks and view Reports without leaving Gmail**


Install the extension for your browser of choice:


In order to enable the features marked with ** above, there are two administrative tasks that need to be performed on your Appian instance:

  1. Download from this page and import the Appian Browser Extension Companion application (compatible with Appian 18.4 and later)

  2. Add "" to the Allowed Origins in the Embedded Interface admin panel (see documentation)