ArcGIS Map Integration

ArcGIS Map Field allows embedding of maps and layers created in ArcGIS mapping platform ( within Appian's SAIL form. The plugin provides extensive functionality which includes capabilities to perform multiple selection across layers in the map.


  • Easily integrate with and display ArcGIS maps and add multiple layers
  • Display a pre-defined set of map and layers in the field using ArcGIS portalItem, see here for more information:
  • Filter Expression allows filtering of features based on SQL-like expressions, see here:
  • Multi Selection Tool allows creation of multi selection by drawing graphic shapes and retrieve the attributes of the intersecting features. Actions can be configured on the pop up window displayed at the creation of multi selection
  • Proxy capabilities enables access to secured resources without prompting for users to login again. ArcGIS Servlet Plugin is included to enable proxy service using Appian servlet plugin, this requires unauthenticated access, see here: For more information about application login and accessing of secured resources in ArcGIS, see here: