Asana Connected System

Asana is a project management and collaboration tool to help teams work together better. By creating projects with tasks and then assigning people, due dates , and adding other information:

  1. All the information about work stays together
  2. Everyone knows who is responsible for what
  3. There is increased transparency into current progress
  4. Remote teams can organize projects, manage shifting priorities, and get work done

*The downloaded package contains documentation for how to set up the connected system.

Functionality provided:

  1. Create Project - Create a new project in a workspace or team
  2. Create Story - Create a story on a task
  3. Create Section - Create a section in a project
  4. Create Task - Create a task
  5. Get a List of Projects - Get all projects in a workspace
  6. Get a Workspaces List - Get all workspaces
  7. Get a List of User - Get user list
  8. Get all Task - Get tasks from a project
  9. Get Task Detail - Get the information for a task
  10. Get Story - Get stories from a task