Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution


Groundswell’s Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution (AIRS) streamlines review activities by providing transparency, auditability, and accountability across all processes. The solution’s flexibility allows it to be utilized for all use cases ranging from simple to the most complex.

Organizations currently utilize a combination of paper based processes, spreadsheets, email, and antiquated systems to track audits, inspections, and reviews conducted by their organization. These methods provide little to no visibility into the progress of an activity or the results. Additional challenges with the current methods include:

  • Delayed data entry of key activity data.
  • Loss of long term analysis capabilities.
  • Inability to establish trends for subjects or overall processes.
  • Extensive time required to create, maintain, and update policies and procedures.
  • Considerable amounts of time spent scoping the activity due to manual processes.
  • Frequent reuse of activity structures that are not tailored to the specific subject.
  • Time intensive report creation and delivery, leading to delays in the resolution of critical issues.
Key Features & Functionality
  • Efficient Scoping - The scope for each activity can be quickly defined, which then automates the rest of the setup of the activity structure.
  • Transparency - Clear and accurate metrics regarding the progress of an activity as well as the findings that are discovered throughout the process.
  • Continuous Optimization - End users can manage the repository of Areas for Review and Checklist Items to ensure the content is up to date with changing policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Compliance - Structured activity processes ensure all required steps of an activity are being completed and the information is being recorded for future analysis.
  • Automation - Historically manual tasks such as selecting the items to review or questions to ask (checklist items) are automatically added to the activity based on the defined scope.
  • Document Generation - System generation of the report document eliminates the need for end users to perform arduous tasks and increases the accuracy of the report information.
  • Granular Integrated Security - Granular security enables multiple user groups to work within the system on various types of audits, inspections, and reviews with access limited to the data relevant to them.
  • Subject History - Subject records enable users to view a full history of all activities conducted on a subject to better inform future activities and evaluate risk regarding the subject.
Benefits & Business Impact

Groundswell’s Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution (AIRS), built on the Appian Low-Code platform, enables organizations to scope, plan, conduct and analyze audits, inspections, and reviews. The flexible solution can be tailored to be used for any entity such as a cybersecurity audit on a company, an employee review, or a building inspection.

  • Fully integrated site allows users to take action, review key metrics, and more!
  • Uses intelligent automation to create the structure and requirements for every activity automatically.
  • Allows end users to manage the repository of checklist items that need to be completed as part of each activity
  • Enables the tracking, reporting and resolving of findings throughout an activity’s lifecycle
  • Provides seamless automated report creation and storage for rapid and evolving insights.

This solution is not specific to any specific country or industry, and is flexible to meet different requirements.