Automated Rule Testing Application


The Automated Rule Testing application allows designers to automatically test all of the expression rules in your system from either a report (ad-hoc testing) or a recurring process model that notifies designers of test failures.

Key Features & Functionality

  • The Automated Rule Test Dashboard
    • Run expression rule tests on demand and see the results inline
    • Results are stored into a database table and shown on the dashboard
  • ART Nightly System Test Process Model
    • Executes the Start Rule Tests (All) smart service and analyzes the results
    • A task is sent to every user who last modified any expression rules with test failures
    • Users can click on the rule names directly from the task to review each test failure
    • The task shows the test results inline and has convenient controls to navigate the list

Please see the documentation included with the app download for deployment steps and additional information.

  • Hi team, receiving following error when trying to import the application , can you please suggest if there is any pre requisites . we are on 22.2 version . 

    Problems (1):
    processModel 0003dcdf-4be7-8000-183f-014d98014d98 "{en_US=ART Task Rule Owner with Failed Tests}": An error occurred while creating processModel [uuid=0003dcdf-4be7-8000-183f-014d98014d98]: com.appiancorp.process.validation.ValidationException: Process Model is not valid. (APNX-1-4071-007)

    Cascading Problems (1):
    processModel 000bdce3-8b0c-8000-183f-014d98014d98 "": The processModel [id= uuid=000bdce3-8b0c-8000-183f-014d98014d98] was not imported because a required precedent is missing: processModel [uuid=0003dcdf-4be7-8000-183f-014d98014d98 location=Node > "" > Node Input > "pmID"] cannot be found. (APNX-1-4070-001) (APNX-1-4071-006)

  • Make sure your environment's default language is English (US) before importing. You can change it (temporarily for your import needs) in the administration console.

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