Automated Versioning Manager (AVM)


The Automated Versioning Manager is a tool that helps manage Appian applications and database DDL files in a version control system. Given an Appian application ZIP file, the Automated Versioning Manager performs the following actions:

  • Unzips the application and organizes the artifact XML files in the repository.
  • Automates the check-in and check-out operations with the version control system.
  • Generates application packages for import in Appian based on the contents of the repository and a range of changes to include.

This tool is frequently used with the native, external deployment APIs ( or the Automated Import Manager (AIM) ( Unless you are doing deployments for the Admin Console, we suggest using the native APIs.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Version Control integration (Git, SVN)
  • Supports Appian applications and packages
  • Generate import package from hash ranges
  • Folder Listener to add contents to Version Control
  • Supports GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket for Version Control

You can access the source code for AVM by exploding the ZIP file after download.

Note: This utility does not support Java version 9.0.