Azure Data Lake Connected System


Azure Data Lake is a cloud-based data storage and analytics service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to store and process big data sets in a secure and scalable manner, using tools and frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, and Data Lake Analytics. With Azure Data Lake, users can easily manage and analyze large volumes of data from various sources, and derive valuable insights using advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

To call Azure Storage API, a connected system must be authenticated with the Microsoft identity platform. The access token contains information about your app and the permissions it has to access the resources and APIs available through Azure Storage. To get an access token, our app must be registered with the Microsoft identity platform(Azure Portal) and be authorized by either a user or an administrator to access the Azure Storage resources it needs.

Key Features & Functionality


File System Integrations

  1. Create File System
  2. Delete File System
  3. List File System

Path Integrations

  1. Upload File
  2. Delete File
  3. List File
  4. Download File