Big Numbers Functions


This plugin supports running simple mathematical functions such as sum, product, and quotient with numbers larger than Appian Integer and Decimal data types support.

Key Features & Functionality


  • bigsum - Adds all given numbers to return their sum. Returns a String.
  • bigproduct - Returns the product of the specified numbers. Returns a String.
  • bigquotient - Returns the quotient when numerator is divided by the denominator. Returns a String.
  • biground - Rounds off the number to the specified number of decimals. Returns a String.
  • bigconvert - Returns each of the inputs multiplied by the conversion rate. Returns a List of String.
  • biggt - Returns boolean if the number1 is greater than number 2.
  • biglt - Returns boolean if the number1 is less than number 2.
  • bigtrunc - Truncates a decimal number to the specified number of places after the decimal point.
  • bigabs - Returns the absolute value(s) of the specified number(s).
  • bigmod - Returns the remainder of dividend when divided by the divisor.
  • bigtostring - Converts a decimal number to a string to be used in the Big Number Functions Plug-in.