Blue Arc Asset Tracker (BAAT)

Organizations most often track assets via spreadsheets, SharePoint, email – or even worse – not at all. These methods are out of synch or limited in functionality, preventing rapid deployment or reporting. Creation, management, and notification of assets is a common business need and should be simple. BAAT maintains a system of truth in a collaborative, data-rich environment. Data is updated platform-wide, with full visibility into assets, reports, approval chains, and more. What is an asset? With BAAT it can be anything. From IT equipment, to personnel, fleet vehicles, or even software. While attributes of assets are each different, the workflows that drive them are very similar. BAAT is an easy-to-use application with immediate business value, delivered off the shelf and ready to use.

BAAT offers the following industry-leading features:

  • Platform-wide asset cataloguing, management, and reporting.
  • No-code asset type management to include configuration, creation, approval, notifications and security.
  • No-code asset type icon configuration including every icon supported by Appian and hex color combination.
  • No-code environment visual settings configuration.
  • Front-end user management.
  • Out-of-the-box help system for management of bug tickets utilizing the dynamic asset framework.
  • Robust history tracking on every change to assets or their types.
  • Date alerts for asset attributes, which eliminates the need for users to check email or set reminders for expiration dates, service dates, and more.
  • No-code approval workflow and sign-off configuration.