Blue Prism Integration

The Blue Prism Integration accelerator makes it easy to integrate Appian and Blue Prism by allowing Appian developers to easily integrate Blue Prism Processes or Objects directly within the Appian Process Modeler.

Best practices for integrating the two products can be incorporated by allowing Appian to send jobs to Blue Prism’s virtual workforce asynchronously.  These jobs can be added to a queue for processing by software robots.  Together, Appian and Blue Prism can:

  • Build highly efficient and automated end-to-end business processes
  • Provide an easy and quick way to integrate and modernize legacy systems
  • Reduce the errors and inefficiencies resulting from manual and redundant tasks

Learn more about Appian RPA with Blue Prism

This application package contains:

  • 46 design objects
  • 4 integration rules to start Blue Prism objects and processes
  • 6 helper rules to make calling out to Blue Prism easy
  • Example interfaces and an example process model to test your connection and show you how to use the assorted helper rules

Step by step instructions on how to leverage the applications and adapt the examples to your own Blue Prism processes and objects can be found in the Appian Product Documentation.

The screenshots below provide some examples of use cases that can be achieved by using Appian and Blue Prism together. 

NOTE: This has been depredated for versions 19.2+. Please use the Blue Prism connected system to integrate with Blue Prism instead.