Box File Utilities


Provides Smart Services and custom functions to integrate Appian with Box document management

Key Features & Functionality

The Box File Utilities Plug-in provides the following:

  • Custom Functions
    • Create JSON Web Token (JWT) - createtoken() provides the user with a JWT that can be used for up to 60 seconds as authentication with the Box “token” API
    • Construct URL Custom Function - constructboxurl() expression function facilitates the creation of a servlet download link
  • Smart Services
    • File Upload - after obtaining a JWT, this smart service uses the access token and calls the file upload API passing in the contents of a provided Appian Document
    • File Download to Appian - this smart service can download a file from Box and store it in a provided Appian Knowledge Center or Folder
  • Servlet
    • File Download - downloads a file directly to the browser for the user to view/save to their computer. For security reasons most of the parameters passed to the servlet are obfuscated.  Use the "constuctboxurl" function to create a URL to access the servlet securely.

Please see the Box File Utilities guide included with the download for complete setup and usage instructions.