Checklist Automation System

For fast and easy execution of ad-hoc processes that do not require complex workflow capabilities, Vuram’s Checklist Automation System (CAS) provides a powerful and modular Appian application capable of handling a wide range of distributed activities.  CAS is ideal for areas that require organizational adherence to predefined steps via a checklist approach such as:

  • Manufacturing solutions such as product configuration, assembly, and inspection can leverage build sheets which can be quickly created, distributed and tracked.
  • Simplified work stages across multiple corporate functions such as HR - checklists for employee onboarding and assessments, Finance - audit checklists during the quarterly closure, Marketing campaign kickoff checklists, and IT - Equipment Inventory and maintenance checklists.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys, issue resolution reporting, product evaluation, quality checks, group feedback, and dimension scoring.

Key Features:

  • Create a wide variety of checklists or surveys without requiring new Appian development
  • Assign scoring weights to questions
  • Manage an inventory of checklist templates, and import new lists from external .xlsx files
  • Use a single, intuitive interface to view assigned checklists, respond to them and approve the checklists
  • Distribute new checklists and track checklist assignments across the organization
  • Add context-relevant notes and attachments within any checklist process
  • Compare responses across the assignments
  • View reports that provide data analysis of responses across checklists and individual checklist sections for initiated, in-process, and completed checklists