Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)


The Client Lifecycle Management solution by Xebia Technologies offers multiple modules consisting of Customer Portal, Digital Client Onboarding, Enhanced Due-Diligence and KYC, Client Maintenance, and Customer Service.  It delivers tangible ROI and business benefits in the following ways:

Key Features & Functionality

  1. Connected CLM Processes
    • Connect your customer portal, client e-banking system, Salesforce, or any other legacy systems to digitalize all CLM touchpoints and processes - client onboarding, KYC, client communication, and customer service.
  2. Single Detailed Client View
    • A single client view surfacing data from multiple connected systems across CLM, KYC, Onboarding, Related Parties, Compliance, Documents Management and more.
  3. Intelligent Documents Automation
    • Automatically classify any documents such as Identification Proofs and Legal Entity Incorporation Certificates and tag them to the right client or case reducing the high volume of manual admin activities. Seamless integration of centralized client document stores with DocuSign.
  4. Digital Client Onboarding
    • New prospects can initiate new relationships with banks to quickly key in the minimum information required directly from the client portal. Clients can upload documents, and the solution auto extracts and fills in the information on the case and profile automatically.
  5. Streamlined Automated nand On-Demand KYC's
    • Automatically reads through CBS (core banking system), and kicks off the KYC cases based on client risk profiles.
  6. Unified Communication Channels
    • Ready to use integrations with Amazon Connect CCP and Twilio to bring your call center on the CLM application on Appian, to address customer problems or requests.
  7. Back-Office Processes Factories for RPA
    • Deploy bots using Appian RPA on your legacy or core banking systems. Get notified/ alerted for any of your client's critical data discrepancies sitting across multiple systems.
  8. Next-Generation Customer Service
    • Omni-channel capabilities & powerful communications allow agents to resolve customer cases faster!

Benefits & Business Impact

Xebia Client Lifecycle Management delivers tangible ROI & business benefits for banking & financial institutions in the following ways:

  • Massive operational savings both from cost & time through auto-email categorization, automatic document classification & extraction.
  • Reduced efforts in KYCs processing through getting KYC right for the right customers at right time driven by automated risk-based mechanism.
  • Massive & enhanced client experience through streamlined & consistent communication approach regardless of the mode of channel.
  • Digital onboarding, paper-less documents reducing customer face-to-face visits & faster customer queries settlement drastically improves customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in regulatory change management cost through access to Xebia's configuration space within the CLM application. Banks do not have to go through standard IT change management process incurring heavy cost & long delays for the change to be live.
  • Faster realization of revenue due to seamless integration of sales, opportunities systems such as Salesforce to convert leads to the real customers faster.

Customer Reference:

"Xebia's Onboarding, KYC & Client Lifecycle Management applications turned out to be the right fit for us. Given the out-of-the box functionality and the easy customizability, we were able to accelerate our implementation. The applications are easy to learn & use, resulting in a better experience for our front staff as well as our customers.  The solution allows for a roll-out across multiple division, markets and regions."
- Georg Kolin, Head of Group Customer Experience & Digitization, Addiko Bank