Common Interface Patterns and Components

This application contains examples and actual components that can help you build great interfaces without having to spend a lot of time building on your own. This is also a great way to learn more about Appian Interfaces and show the art of the possible.

Bundle includes 2 applications:

  1. Common Interface Patterns and Components: Includes a library of components that can be directly plugged into your next application, patterns such as headers, footers, grids, navigation, etc. This is intended to help Appian Developers to have quick great interfaces that can improve the user experience of an application.
  2. CIPC Sample App: A site dedicated to show a list of all items included in the library of components and also examples of pages that can be built using the library. This can also help to show the art of the possible and demo great User Experiences within Appian. This application is intended only for demo purposes.

Deployment Instructions:

  • Requires Plugin Google Charts Component
  • Update properties file with Google API Key
  • Import applications and properties file