The compass application is your one-stop-shop for Appian architectural design and documentation. Similar to a CAD tool, a pallet of Appian components can be selected from and added to your component tree. Upon selecting each component in the tree you can provide a name, summary, descriptive details, associated requirements, and comments! Every change made to every component in the tree is tracked for audit purposes and redlined to clearly show changes over time. Finally, when architecture documentation is necessary the app has a built-in document generation capability that hierarchically nests your components in a neatly formatted word document! Gone are the days of using PowerPoint and Vizio to produce architecture diagrams. Compass makes sketching up preliminary design ideas quick and easy so that everyone on your team knows exactly what they're trying to produce!

Key Functionality and Features
  • Navigable hierarchy tree representation of your application architecture
  • Support for abstractions of Appian objects (eg: dashboards, forms, sections to represent types of interfaces)
  • Architecture document generator
  • Commenting
  • History tracking
  • Requirements mapping