Connected Claims for P&C Insurance


Increasing straight-through processing is a business imperative.

When it comes to property and casualty (P&C) claims processing, delivering an exceptional, personalized experience is the most crucial objective. And providing a touchless, digital-first claims experience requires agility and accuracy. Claims operations teams are often challenged with manual document processing and juggling multiple systems that slow down the claims process. This often results in a poor customer experience, lengthy time to close, and increased costs. P&C insurers need a solution that helps them effectively manage their claims processes, mitigate claims leakage, and improve straight-through processing. And they must be able to do all this while providing superior customer service and empathy during what is often a very stressful, emotional time for the policyholder.

Built on the Appian Low-Code Platform and deployed on the Appian Cloud, Appian Connected Claims delivers a 360-degree view of each claim in an actionable dashboard of data from all claims and policy systems and third-party applications. This improves operational efficiency, reducing cycle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Modernize your claims processes—in weeks, not months or years.

  • Unify claims systems and data without migration. Gain full visibility into the claims life cycle with a dashboard that connects existing claims and policy systems, including Guidewire, Duck Creek, and Sapiens. 
  • Optimize claims handling with intelligent automation. Leverage built-in intelligent document management to quickly capture and verify claims intake data. Then use robotic process automation to further drive efficiency and increase straight-through processing.
  • Dramatically reduce time and cost to implement. Leverage the speed and power of the industry-leading Appian Low-Code Platform to stay agile and rapidly adapt to changing market and customer demands.

Key Features

Connected Claims has 7 Property and Casualty Modules.

Module 1: First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Facilitate efficient and intelligent claims intake, improving customer experience and reducing operational costs.

Module 2: Fraud Case Management

Optimize fraud case management with a unified view and full control of all potential fraud alerts for SIU teams.

Module 3: Claim Operations and Settlement

Provide custom workflows for different user personas and streamline processes to speed time to close, reducing expenses and increasing satisfaction.

Module 4: Customer Service

Gain a centralized view of claims from all CRMs and legacy systems, delivering actionable information and enabling seamless communication for a best-in-class customer experience.

Module 5: Litigation and Recovery

Management Deliver visibility into potential subrogation and litigation, while enabling adjusters and external legal/recovery teams to collaborate across multiple channels. Module 6: Field Inspections Conduct comprehensive field inspections with intelligent scheduling and a dedicated mobile app.

Module 7: Continuous Improvement

Analysis Understand the data behind claim performance to identify the ideal processes based on facts.


Appian delivers value across the claims process.

Claims intake management: One of the largest independent claims management companies has developed an application for global claims intake process management, delivering 80% acceleration of claim uptake and 70% acceleration of invoice processing.

Insurance claims processing with AI: sachcontrol, a leader in property damages and fraud detection in property claims, partnered with Appian to improve claims and payment processing time. Using the Appian Low-Code Platform, sachcontrol was able to create a new insurance claims management solution for invoice verification and photo analysis using AI, ultimately helping them improve operational efficiency and achieve a 99.7% customer satisfaction level.