Connected Onboarding


For most financial services organizations, business-to-business (B2B) onboarding is complex, fraught with risk, and unacceptably slow. It often takes many months to onboard an institution as a client and the stakes are high – the longer the onboarding window, the greater the risk of delay or loss of revenue, or the loss of a high value client relationship. Onboarding is often hindered by a lack of process orchestration, poor visibility, and an inability to adapt to rapidly changing corporate and regulatory environments. As operating models become more distributed and more decentralized, the need for a connected, automated and personalized onboarding experience increases. Traditional off-the-shelf software solutions and manual processes that rely on spreadsheets and email are not sufficient to address the high risk of non-compliance and loss of revenue, and they fall far short of client expectations. What is needed is a flexible solution that takes the risk out of onboarding, accelerates time to revenue, and empowers business users with complete control of the onboarding journey, while automating manual steps, increasing process transparency, and connecting your organization to the client through a secure portal.

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Key Features & Functionality

Empowering Business Administrators

  • Configure and Launch – realize incredible productivity, fast
  • Flexible configuration options and control over setup and the organizational process, including pre-configured industry process onboarding templates

Full Visibility and Process Control

  • Quick access to at-risk activity – Respond to real-time problems and bottlenecks within open client onboardings
  • Escalated task management – Approve and reassign tasks routed for manager approval
  • Team ownership and accountability – Identify team members and process stakeholders that have open and/or delayed tasks
  • Regional customer profile – Complete customer profile of all current business activities

Guided Onboarding Experience

  • Intuitive data collection process for internal and external users
  • Seamless integration with upstream customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other standard industry platforms
  • Seamless integration with downstream systems to reduce duplicate entry and eliminate manual error-prone processes

Self-Service Client Portal

  • External interface for end clients to provide information, create service requests and review the status of open items
  • Secure document management environment for uploading sensitive documents

Intelligent Automation

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) – Incorporate document extraction with Google AutoML and built-in retraining to improve accuracy
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for automating human and system tasks

Data Integrations

  • Seamless access to information from other sources to help streamline onboarding and reduce the burden on the client
  • Pre-built integrations include Northrow, Companies House, Dunn and Bradstreet, and DocuSign

Process Trends and Optimization

  • Leverage data within the system to identify improvement opportunities for key SLAs
  • Understand how long each onboarding takes, as well as cycle time by person and organization

Benefits & Business Impact

Appian has been building institutional onboarding solutions for the world’s largest financial services organizations for more than a decade. Built on the Appian low-code automation platform, enhanced with rich business logic and pre-configured industry templates, and integrated with industry-leading data sources for verification and/or sourcing of client data, Appian Connecting Onboarding is the solution of choice for creating connected, automated and personalized B2B onboarding experiences.

Connected Onboarding leverages intelligent document processing (IDP), robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a guided onboarding experience, streamline decisioning, and remove friction from the onboarding experience. It leverages systems and data in place and provides complete visibility into the onboarding process, allowing users to take relevant action and onboarding teams to understand the state of the onboarding at every step in the process.