Copy Document Smart Service


Provides a Smart Service that copies one or more documents to a destination folder.

Key Features & Functionality

The new documents are provided as outputs and can be saved in a list of type Document.

  • Sylvain, we have been using the smart service for quite some time, but today are seeing an issue and getting error messages similar to this

    ??Failed to copy full contents from '/usr/local/appian/ae/_admin/accdocs3/538652/10794453.txt' to '/usr/local/appian/ae/_admin/accdocs1/769683/10794522.txt'???

    Have you had any issues like this.

  • Hi Lesliem,

    We are now getting similar error messages in prod and pre-prod environments but not in lower env.  We are currently using Copy Document 1.0.0.  

    Have you identified the issue related to this error messages? 

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  • Todd,

    The issue with this Copy Documents, using this plugin, only lasted 2 days in our production environment.  But, because it lasted 2 days in Production we used a bandaid to fix the in-flight processes.  There is another Copy Document plugin node within the Content Tools plugin that we were able to use, but this service only copies one document at a time.  If we were only copying 1 document it worked fine.  If we were going to copy more than 1 document we needed to create a sub process that could loop thru the documents to copy.