CSV to Excel


The CSV to Excel smart service is the perfect solution for converting CSV files to Excel format as a document. The converted Excel document can be saved as a new document or can be created on the existing document. Supported Language - English (United States).

Key Features & Functionality


  • Source Document (document) - Provide CSV document.
  • Delimiter (text) - Provide the delimiter text used in CSV document (single character)
  • Create New Document (boolean) - Provide true if the plugin wants to create a new document for Excel.
  • Sheet Name (text) - Provide the sheet name to the created on the Excel document. Default is Sheet1(optional).
  • New Document Name (text) - Provide the name for the Excel document.
  • New Document Desc (text) - Provide the description for the Excel document.
  • Save In Folder (folder) - Select the folder where the plugin needs to save Excel documents.
  • Existing Document (document) - Provide the existing document to overwrite the new Excel document. Mandatory if Create New Document is set as false.


  • New Document Created (document) - Provides the generated Excel document.
  • Error (Text)-Provides true if any error occurs. 
  • Error Message-Provides the error message.
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