Cucumber For Appian


Test your Appian application within minutes with methods created specifically to operate within Appian applications and Tempo!

Common test case scenarios can be created for reusability throughout test suites. A CheatSheet.feature file that lists out all the supported methods and how to invoke them using the @Given, @When, @Then, @But, @And, and other Cucumber-supported annotation.

Key Features & Functionality

With Cucumber for Appian:

  • Test scripts don't need to be updated for upgrades to supported Appian versions
  • Appian design knowledge is not required to create test scripts
  • Test scripts are easily updated for new UI changes to a form or interface
  • All of the same methods that FitNesse For Appian currently supports are supported
  • Multiple browsers are supported (Chrome v. 64-66 and Firefox v. 53-62)