Custom Web Content Field Component

Overview | Custom Web Content component brings along an option to adjust the shrink height of the web content field according to our needs, retaining the other functionalities of the original web content component.

When to use it? | The Custom Web Content component can be best used in cases where you really need to reduce the height of your web content that is displayed and make it fit and inside the browser height that you are using.


  • Specify the shrink height of the component in terms of pixels.
  • Enable or disable the border of the web content.
  • All the functionality of a traditional web content field.

How to use it? | We can directly use the component function inside any Appian interface by providing in the desired label and source URL. Specify the shrink height in pixels as per your browser requirements to shrink the component with respect to your browser height. We can shrink up-to a maximum of 400 pixels from the browser height. We also have an additional option to enable the border of the web content field.

Refer to the detailed document in the download package.