DocuSign Connected System


Signatures are still required for many business purposes. Some examples include:

  • Sales contracts - For many businesses, sales contracts are the most frequently signed item—and the most important. This can include multinational enterprise business-to-business sales or even a residential cleaning business. In fact, DocuSign has been a part of tens of millions of real estate transactions.
  • New customer forms - If your customers need to fill out forms or other paperwork to do business with you, electronic signatures have a place in your business.
  • Customer approvals - For businesses that deliver anything custom-made, that last approval prior to manufacture is critical. DocuSign let's you capture and store approvals with ease, so you can quickly move on to completing the order.
  • Legal agreements & Intellectual property licensing - Because DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding with a court-admissible audit trail, they are ideal for common legal documents, such as intellectual property licensing. Eg. Law firm
  • Employee onboarding - There’s plenty of paperwork associated with hiring a new person. The contact forms, benefits enrollment, automatic deposit for paychecks… the list goes on. All those documents can be handled securely and with ease using DocuSign.

Key Features & Functionality

The following DocuSign services can be managed using this connected system directly from Appian Applications:

  • Get account information
  • Get user information
  • Folder details
  • Groups
  • Templates
  • Service information
  • Resources
  • Cloud storage details
  • List of documents
  • Get template details
  • Get specific folder details