Doughnut Chart

The doughnut chart component can be used to display the part to whole relationship in our dataset. These show distinct variations between the data and help the users to understand the trend in a single glance.

How to use it?
Provide the dataset based on the different categories and sections the user would like to see. Set the desired color combination for each set. The data legends can be made visible based on the users' needs. We can align these legends based on user preference to TOP, LEFT, RIGHT or BOTTOM of the chart. Best used when we have two to 5 categories to compare and represent the data.

Use Cases

  1. Display data for a survey with small answers split based on users of different software.
  2. To display the split of work cycle of a project and how much effort is involved in each cycle

Note: Please note that the data will be saved into the rule inputs in this order: selectedDataLabel, selectedDatasetLabel, selectedData


  1. Adjust the color variations of the data set
  2. Adjust the size of the component
  3. Align the data legends based on user preference
  4. Simple and compact presentation of multiple categories