End-User Reporting


Allows end users of the platform to construct their own grids, charts, and dashboards.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Quick setup of data catalog based on existing record types
  • Front end construction of the follow types: grid, pie charts, bar charts, column chart, line chart, KPI, and more!
  • Front end configuration of dashboards to combine multiple charts into a single page with page filters
  • Dashboards and reports can be individually shared with Users and Groups
  • End user documentation

Note: Appian provides self-service analytics capabilities where end users can explore enterprise data and build their own custom reports. Before downloading this utility, refer to Appian Documentation to see if you can use the available self-service analytics capabilities.

  • Experiencing this error. Please advise.

    An error occurred while evaluating expression: recordTypes: rule!EUR_ParseRecordType(
     documents: reject(
          items: pv!documents,
          expression: if(
             document(fv!item, "extension") = "xml",
             document(fv!item, "extension") = "xsd"
    ) (Expression evaluation error in rule 'eur_parserecordtype' at function a!forEach [line 5]: Error in a!forEach() expression during iteration 1: Expression evaluation error at function 'xpathdocument' [line 19]: Namespace with prefix 'xsi' has not been declared.) (Data Outputs)

    We use Oracle and are on Appian 

  • Looks like this might be a Appian thing.

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