Enterprise Project Management


Project management is a vital task in all organizations, large and small. The management of these projects varies widely across departments or types of projects within an organization. Most organizations manage their projects in silos with limited visibility outside of the project, little to no awareness outside of the department, and almost no enterprise wide reporting or insight. Due to this, lessons learned, successes and failures, and overall knowledge is ineffectively captured and shared making organizational improvement difficult. When an actual project management “system” is in place, it is typically a Gantt chart or a Gantt chart centric application that captures tasks, subtasks, and dependencies, but not much else. These models tend to be static too.

  • Problems are magnified due to lack of real time visibility for all stakeholders
  • The root causes of issues and failed projects are unknown and therefore frequently repeated
  • Successes are not highlighted and emphasized, leading to major losses in process improvement and employee recognition
  • Key outcomes and results are not captured, shared, or used to improve future projects, leading to the common pitfall of the loud voice driving future project methodologies and paradigms

Key Features & Functionality

  • Collaborate in context of projects with fully audited and transparent communication channels to avoid common communication gaps and bottlenecks
  • Define overall vision and success of the project by identifying and managing the scope, tracking progress against objectives and key results, and publishing the resulting outcomes
  • Effectively track and adjust timelines through activities, milestones, and deliverables by leveraging an intuitive calendar interface while still being able to complete bulk updates and identify dependencies
  • Achieve project execution excellence and accountability with rapid and flexible project tasking through action items
  • Identify, analyze, evaluate, monitor, mitigate, and resolve project risks and issues
  • Improve decision making by identifying and tracking the decision to be made, gathering information to identify all alternative options, evaluating and weighing alternatives, selecting the best option, implementing the decision, and monitoring and adjusting the implementation as needed based on outcomes
  • Leverage end user configurable documentation folder templates to ensure all documents are organized and accessible to the right team members at the right time
  • Manage Project Team Members by identifying resources, assigning roles, and grouping into project specific teams to facilitate effective project communication

Benefits & Business Impact

Groundswell’s Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution, based on PMBOK and CMMI standards, provides comprehensive end to end management of all aspects of a project including but not limited to, Team Members, Vision, Communication, Activities, Milestones, Deliverables, Action Items, Impediments, Risks, Decisions, Document Management, Reporting, and more. The solution leverages the data from each individual project to provide enterprise wide awareness and transparency.

  • Allows for simple configurations for your specific organizational requirements to be added to achieve full compliance with your rules and requirements in a single unified solution
  • An intuitive visual based interface helps you effectively and efficiently track and adjust timelines through activities, milestones, and deliverables
  • Reporting capabilities provide each stakeholder with insightful and actionable reporting to improve organizational effectiveness and alignment
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